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Helping kids find joy in building relationships with Jesus.


Holly Alm was a little girl with a big personality, often referred to as a "Little Firecracker".

Her many nicknames included "Holly Berry", "Red", and "Holly Jolly."

Holly had a way of making friends, both young and old, wherever she went and everyone seemed to know her!  

The expression, "Live every moment, laugh every day and love with all of your heart.", fits Holly perfectly. Holly lived life to the fullest in her twelve years - packing in all that she could into each day.

Holly had a gift of laughter and of making others laugh. She was awarded the "Funny Bone Award" at camp - 2 years in a row! Holly was able to have fun and make people smile wherever she was.

Holly whole heartedly loved her family, friends and animals. She was not shy to express her passions and love.

If you knew Holly, you knew she was a huge dog lover and you always knew who was her latest crush!

Holly had a joyful life because she personally knew and loved Jesus. She was fortunate at a young age to attend many Christian camps and events which helped her meaningful relationship with Jesus develop.

Holly would be thrilled to know that children are being given opportunities that she had with the financial assistance of the HACSF. 

Holly was blessed here on earth. She is now blessed even more because she is living with Jesus in Heaven eternally. Her life was a true blessing to her family, friends and all of those who benefit from the HACSF.  

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